The IAFCA test includes sections on all aspects of hood certification.  Our test is a measure of the knowledge needed to be a good certifier from Industrial Ventilation to Formaldehyde Decontamination.

1. National Sanitaion Foundations, NSF STandard 49-1992

2. Institued of Environmental Sciences and TEchnology, IEST (formerly Institue of Envorinmental Sciences)

A. RP-CC-001-86 HEPA Filter

B. RP-cc-1386T Equipment Calibration or Validation Procedures

C. RP-CC-002-86 Laminar Flow Clean Air Devices

3. Industrial Ventilation – A Manual of Rcommended Practices; 21st edition

4. Formaldehyde Decontamination of Laminar Flow Bilogical Safety Cabintes (NCI/HIH).

5. Manufacturers Manuals:

A. Nu-Aire (800-328-3352) Operation and Maintenance Manuals

1. Model NU-407-400 through 600, October 1992 revision

2. Model 430-400 though 600, December 1990 revision

B. Forma (800-848-3080) Instrucitonal Manuals

1. NO. 7001849 Model 1849 dated Sept. 1987

2. No. 7011100, Model 1100 through 1105 revised March 1992

C. Laboconco (800-821-5525) Instruction Manual

1. Model 36205 series,  Copyright 1990

2. Model 502, dated 1983, Revision G

D. Baker Company (800-992-2537)

1. SG-400 through 600, Copyright 1988

2. B40-112/B60-112, Copyright July 1990

6. CDC/NIH Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories, HHS Publication Number 88-8395, 2nd Edition, May, 1988.

Call IAFCA at 1-888-679-1904 for membership information.  These manuals can be ordered at each of the institutions websites.  Items listed in number 5 should be obtained from the manufacturers.  Besure to request a sample test report for the model ordered.

Test sites and dates can be found on the internet at Applications must be receibed 4 weeks in advance of the test date.  THIS IS AN OPEN BOOK TEST.

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